Babies love baths. They're warm, they smell good, and they make baby feel safe. But getting out of the bath is never a fun experience. Comparatively, it's suddenly freezing cold and dry. There is no better way to warm up baby than to wrap them up in an adorable hooded towel.

Rather than dry his or her head and body separately, leaving part of the body out in the cold, hooded towels are adorable and warm the entire body at once, a much happier situation for baby. Much of the body's heat is lost through the head, and for babies this is not covered by much protective hair, and there's not a lot of body to hold heat in the first place.

Babies lose a lot of heat very quickly when not covered, and this is just made worse when they are wet, and heat is lost even more quickly. Hooded towels cover and warm the head immediately, while the rest of the towel wraps around to warm baby's body. They not only prevent their tiny bodies from losing heat, they ensure baby's health. Sometimes they're even used as blankets when the cold seeps in. They're also great after a cool swim, and come in sizes for kids of all ages.

Hooded towels are easy to come by, whether they are made simply and on the fly by Mom or Dad, or ultra-adorably by those at The latter creates precious patterns including cute baby pandas, fluffy puppies, pink piglets, and friendly aliens. So keep baby perfectly dry and warm after a bath with a creative and adorable hooded towel.