When you have a baby even the simplest of errands demands a great deal of planning and preparedness.  For example, you may just be walking two short blocks to pick up a child from school but you need a stroller, a blanket either to protect baby from the cold or the sun, a burp cloth in case of spit up, a pacifier, a diaper and wipes, maybe a bottle and a number of other things may be needed.

Packing for few hours or a day out an about means being prepared for any possibility.  Diapers and wipes in abundance, bottles for formula, water or juice, several changes of clothes, baby aspirin, teething gel, blankets, burp clothes, bibs, toys, car seat, the list is endless, and packing can be a pain, but not nearly as painful as being caught out without something you may need.  Much like an emergency preparedness kit, a diaper bag should be packed for any eventuality.

To make packing for a short outing more convenient, you should consider keeping a spare bag in the trunk of your car, that way you already have everything you need and don’t have to haul a bulky bag around.  You can keep a smaller bag with you with just the basics needed for shorter excursions.

A quality diaper bag is an essential in any parent’s arsenal.  Whether you use one or keep an emergency backup bag, you want a bag that is strong, spacious, easy to carry and, of course, fashionable.  Signature Little Ones has a wonderful assortment of diaper bags and back packs to haul your entire baby, toddler or small child’s necessities.  Always be prepared with a properly packed bag, and look good while doing so.