What do Little Ones Like to Wear?

Posted by Marko on 12/11/2014
A brand new baby brings a lot of change into the life of young parents. Suddenly, they have to start thinking about feeding the baby, cleaning the baby, putting the baby to sleep. Pretty much everything they do will revolve around the small creature that charmingly took over their whole life. So, if you’re about to see that new special little person in your friends’ life, and you want to bring a gift that will be both useful and pretty, here are the basics of baby clothing for the first year of life.

Clinical Pediatrics Says Toy Related Injuries Increased 37% in 20 Years

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 12/6/2014
The toy-related injury rate for children younger than 18 years old increased nearly 40% from 1990 to 2011. The most dangerous toys were those that children rode, while the most dangerous age was two years old. Parents can help their children play safely with their toys by following a few simple steps. 

The History of Christmas Stockings

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 11/28/2014 to Personalized Gifts
In most families, it’s a long-standing tradition to hang Christmas stockings for every member of the family. In some houses, even the pets get their own stockings. These stockings are usually oversized socks that can be personalized with a name, and they’re filled with toys, candy, and small gifts, often called stocking stuffers. Here’s how this tradition got started.

Hazardous Baby Products This Way Come: Why Great Care is a Must When Purchasing Baby Products

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 11/23/2014
Investigative journalists have found that there are plenty of dangerous baby products being sold around the country. These products include new and used items, recalled products, and even products such as baby bottles, feeding nipples. and pacifiers containing lead. 

Don’t Forget Smaller Items When Preparing Your New Baby Room

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 11/9/2014
When preparing your baby room for your new baby, you need to remember to get the small, easier-to-forget items along with the larger items such as cribs and changing tables. These are the must-have smaller items your baby room needs. 

Why You Need to Make Your Own Baby Food for Your Baby

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/30/2014
Making your own baby food to feed your baby is a great idea. By taking full control of what your baby eats will make you and your entire family healthy and happy.

Helping Your Baby Grow, Learn, Develop

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/27/2014 to Baby Care
Babies love to learn. You can help your baby develop her speaking ability, physical dexterity, and emotional intelligence by being an active partner in her daily life.

Give Your Child the Gift of Giving

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/27/2014 to General

The holiday season is fast approaching, and as you look around you count your blessings.  You have a full life.  A wonderful husband, beautiful and most importantly, healthy children, a loving home and friends and family you love and who love you.

Every Child Deserves To Be Loved

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/23/2014

For some couples, getting pregnant is as easy.  They decide it’s time, conceive, have nine months to plan and prepare, fight their way through sleepiness, morning sickness, back pain and discomfort, all with the final goal of holding their little bundle of joy in their arms.

Be Prepared For Anything

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/23/2014

When you have a baby even the simplest of errands demands a great deal of planning and preparedness.  For example, you may just be walking two short blocks to pick up a child from school but you need a stroller, a blanket either to protect baby from the cold or the sun, a burp cloth in case of spit up, a pacifier, a diaper and wipes, maybe a bottle and a number of other things may be needed.

Fear of the Dark

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/22/2014

Everybody is afraid of something.  Some fears are common, others are seemingly bizarre.  Some fears are those of childhood and are outgrown before puberty; others progress and become worse in adulthood.  Some people have fear that is debilitating; others have fear that makes them behave comically and laugh at themselves.  

Daily Reading To Toddlers: 7 Benefits For Your Kids

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 9/22/2014 to Baby Care
Some parents don't realize just how important reading books to their toddlers is. Many studies point to the amazing benefits that this process can provide for young kids, which they can carry over to many different aspects of their lives as they get older.

Children’s Eating Habits Start In Infancy

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 9/16/2014 to General
Perhaps one of the parents’ most challenging tasks at the dinner table is to convince their little ones that vegetables taste good. While setting a good example to children (don’t let them see you eat processed foods or sweets before a meal) has its own merits, parents - mothers especially - can influence their children’s appetite for healthy eating as early as infancy, and some studies even claim, as early as pregnancy.

How Music Improves the Social Skills of Children

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 8/29/2014 to Baby Care
A lot of parents are not aware of just how beneficial music is for kids in so many ways. If you want your child to grow confident and sociable, it's essential to expose them regularly to singing, playing of instruments, and other musical endeavors.

Allowance Or Commission?

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 8/22/2014 to General
Growing up, many of us had parents that gave money to us based on one of two theories - the theory of allowance and the theory of commission.

Homework Survival

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 8/11/2014 to Baby Care
This is the time of year when children's homework becomes part of the afternoon and evening family-time agenda during the week. Parents work all day, the kids are in school all day, and we all are grateful when we get together at the end of the day and spend some time together over the dinner table and maybe watching a movie or TV show on the sofa. But that darned homework tends to mess things up and makes family time a bit of a chore. Thus the "work" in homework, no?

The Father Daughter Date

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 8/11/2014 to General
There are many dads out there who claim to always want a healthy child, no matter the gender. But, let's admit it guys, not many of us know exactly how to connect with daughters as much as we do with sons.

Easy Ways to Cut the Clutter in Your Child’s Bedroom

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 7/2/2014 to General
You want your kids to have the right furniture, be comfortable, and enjoy spending time in their rooms. However, there is something else to consider when decorating a child’s room: controlling clutter. Use these tips when planning the layout of your children’s rooms to cut clutter.

Help Your Kids Keep Track of Their Stuff

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 7/2/2014 to Personalized Gifts
Your kids require a lot of stuff, and the constant need to replace lost items is draining on your wallet and your patience. Keeping track of each child’s belongings is made more difficult by the fact that many things need to be moved from home to school or daycare and back without getting lost. Stop the cycle of buying, losing, and replacing your kids’ gear by showing your kids that each item has a label and a place.

Make Ordinary Baby Gifts Extraordinary With Personalization

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 7/2/2014 to Personalized Gifts
There are plenty of ordinary baby gifts to choose from when a good friend or relative becomes a new parent, but finding something unique that will show you put a lot of thought into the gift narrows down the possibilities significantly.

Join the World Cup Fever with Cute Soccer Apparel

Posted by Cherry on 6/20/2014 to Baby Care
Soccer fans are having a field day. The World Cup has begun! And what better way to show support to your favorite team than by wearing your heart on your sleeve? Dust off those jerseys and shorts set, and let the kids join in on the fun too! Signature Little Ones has a broad range of children's soccer apparel, so you are sure to find your favorite team wear.

Toxic Free Baby Products

Posted by Technical Support User on 6/14/2014 to Baby Care
All baby bottles, baby food containers and even baby toys should be BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. But unfortunately, due to the mass production of these items, proper regulation of the substances used in our baby’s products falls by the wayside. And as it stands today all baby products are not made equal. If adults are encouraged to buy BPA free, PVC and Phthalate free water bottles and containers, imagine the effect on our little ones if exposed to these toxic chemicals. Before purchasing your baby’s bottles, food containers, and toys, check the label.

Why You Should Go For Stainless Steel Bottles for Babies

Posted by Mary on 5/20/2014 to Baby Care
Here at Signature Little Ones, not only can you get your hands on high-quality, customized products, but also sustainable baby items by organicKidz. Their signature product is in the form of their stainless steel baby bottles and food containers, which are guaranteed to be safe and sustainable.

A Diaper Dude for Dad on Father's Day

Posted by Mary on 5/17/2014 to Baby Care
Diaper Dude is not just a bag: It is a statement that fathers can be just as effective caregivers as mothers, especially if they have the right tools to do it.

Name Your Child's Tune: The Benefits of Music in Childhood

Posted by Jennifer on 5/17/2014
Experiences in childhood often have far greater influence beyond that stage and often shape and direct the child's life well into adulthood. It is, therefore, crucial to give the child as many stimuli as possible to ignite the brain to create neural connections that will not just lay down the child's cognitive foundation but physical and emotional as well.
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