Why You Need to Make Your Own Baby Food for Your Baby

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/30/2014
Making your own baby food to feed your baby is a great idea. By taking full control of what your baby eats will make you and your entire family healthy and happy.

Helping Your Baby Grow, Learn, Develop

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/27/2014 to Baby Care
Babies love to learn. You can help your baby develop her speaking ability, physical dexterity, and emotional intelligence by being an active partner in her daily life.

Give Your Child the Gift of Giving

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/27/2014 to General

The holiday season is fast approaching, and as you look around you count your blessings.  You have a full life.  A wonderful husband, beautiful and most importantly, healthy children, a loving home and friends and family you love and who love you.

Every Child Deserves To Be Loved

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/23/2014

For some couples, getting pregnant is as easy.  They decide it’s time, conceive, have nine months to plan and prepare, fight their way through sleepiness, morning sickness, back pain and discomfort, all with the final goal of holding their little bundle of joy in their arms.

Be Prepared For Anything

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/23/2014

When you have a baby even the simplest of errands demands a great deal of planning and preparedness.  For example, you may just be walking two short blocks to pick up a child from school but you need a stroller, a blanket either to protect baby from the cold or the sun, a burp cloth in case of spit up, a pacifier, a diaper and wipes, maybe a bottle and a number of other things may be needed.

Fear of the Dark

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 10/22/2014

Everybody is afraid of something.  Some fears are common, others are seemingly bizarre.  Some fears are those of childhood and are outgrown before puberty; others progress and become worse in adulthood.  Some people have fear that is debilitating; others have fear that makes them behave comically and laugh at themselves.  

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