For some couples, getting pregnant is as easy.  They decide it’s time, conceive, have nine months to plan and prepare, fight their way through sleepiness, morning sickness, back pain and discomfort, all with the final goal of holding their little bundle of joy in their arms.

Some couples will never be able to conceive.  For whatever reason, it doesn't happen for them.  But, there are some people who are just meant to be parents.  Their hearts are filled with love and yearning to nurture a child.  They have so much to offer, and it doesn't seem fair that they cannot conceive a child of their own.  They love their nieces and nephews, cousins, the children of their friends and spoil them to death, but they still long for their own child.

Adoption is an option, of course.  Sex, race, physical or mental impairments don’t matter.  Though they hope for a healthy baby, they have enough love in their hearts to care for one who is not.  Adoption can take month and sometimes years.  There are many who adopt children from third world countries, and there are many unloved, unwanted, abused, neglected, undernourished children closer to home. 

For one reason or another, there are so many children who cannot be adopted, at least not immediately, yet they need to have shelter, food, clothes and a bed of their own, someone to hold them when they are sick or afraid; mostly, they just need someone to love them.

There are many mothers – young or not – who give up their children because they can’t give them the life they want for them.  There are some parents whose lives are lost before their job of raising their children is completed.  There are some parents who have their children taken from them because they are unfit or incapable of taking care of them.  Whatever the reason these babies and children are wards of the state they need as much love as the children who are born into loving families.

There aren't enough people who open their homes, arms and hearts to take in children who they may or may not ever be able to adopt.  There is no guarantee with foster care; no way to know when a child will come to you or be taken away.  There is no way to know if the child will be angry or sad.  The only guarantee is that there are children who need homes, who need love and support, who need very special people to give them those things. 

Every child, boy or girl, biological, adopted or foster deserves to have a little something that is just theirs; a personalized blanket, pillow or plush friend that they can carry with them through life.  Whether they are blessed with one set of parents from birth through adulthood, two sets or five, each child is special in their own right, and should have something tangible to make them feels such in good times or bad. 

A child doesn't have to be yours biologically to be yours in your heart and mind.  All children deserve to feel the love of someone special no matter how long you touch their lives, how old they are or where life takes them.  A personalized gift from Signature Little Ones will be something the child or children of your heart will be able to hold on to and remember your love forever.

Open your homes and open your hearts for every parent deserves to love a child, and every child deserves a parent to love.