Getting our new baby room ready for the new arrival can be both an exciting and trying time. After all, we want to make sure we provide our babies with all that they’ll need to thrive in their new home. Making this task even more troublesome is that while we focus on the large items such as cribs and the such, we run the risk of forgetting the smaller items all baby rooms need. These easily-forgotten smaller items are:

Nursery Night Light

Being a parent means that you will indeed be waking up at night to make trips to your baby’s room. You will do this again and again on most nights. Get your baby a nursery night light that will provide enough light for your baby to feel secure and enough light to keep your toes from kicking any furniture.

Crib Night Light

If the nursery night light does not do enough to soothe your baby, invest in a crib night light. Babies love these because they emit a soft light and produce calming sounds. They are also nice because they make checking on the sleeping baby easy.

Baby Monitoring System

I don’t know how are grandparents were able to raise our parents without these great devices. Baby monitoring systems will help you sleep soundly since you will know that your baby is safe and sound while in her crib. Moreover, some baby monitor systems come with receivers that will clasp to your belt so you will be able to keep an ear on your baby even while doing housework.  

Diaper Pail

All pails are not created equal when it comes to holding dirty diapers. Get yourself an odor-free diaper pail that uses a aroma-fighting cartridge or filter and your baby’s room, your baby, and your nose will thank you!

Baby Wipe Warmer

Although this may seem to be rather extravagant, anyone who has made the mistake of wiping a sleepy baby with a cold wipe knows that a baby wipe warmer pays huge dividends. Get a warmer that will hold at least 100 wipes at a time.

Trash Bags

A baby’s top skill might just be producing great amounts of waste. You will need cartons upon cartons of trash bags to deal with all of the waste your little one produces.

Laundry Basket

Hey, your baby will also go through piles of blankets, washcloths, towels, and clothes. Prepare yourself for this impending onslaught by getting yourself a laundry basket to keep next to the changing table.  

Play Mat

Your baby will want to be rolling about in a matter of months. Also, you will be wanting to give him tummy time as soon as he is ready as well. A play mat is great because it is easy to keep clean and is soft.  

Hats and Mittens

While we all know that babies need plenty of clothing and that we love shopping for this attire, since it is oh so cute. We often forget that babies need mittens and hats even in warm locations. Babies get cold quicker than we do, so help them with hats and mittens.