How Music Improves the Social Skills of Children

A lot of parents are not aware of just how beneficial music is for kids in so many ways. If you want your child to grow confident and sociable, it's essential to expose them regularly to singing, playing of instruments, and other musical endeavors.
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Allowance Or Commission?

Growing up, many of us had parents that gave money to us based on one of two theories - the theory of allowance and the theory of commission.
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Homework Survival

This is the time of year when children's homework becomes part of the afternoon and evening family-time agenda during the week. Parents work all day, the kids are in school all day, and we all are grateful when we get together at the end of the day and spend some time together over the dinner table and maybe watching a movie or TV show on the sofa. But that darned homework tends to mess things up and makes family time a bit of a chore. Thus the "work" in homework, no?
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The Father Daughter Date

There are many dads out there who claim to always want a healthy child, no matter the gender. But, let's admit it guys, not many of us know exactly how to connect with daughters as much as we do with sons.
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