The idea of the tooth fairy has been around for many years, dating all the way back to early European traditions. Children see the gifts from the tooth fairy as a reward for getting older, and she gives them a reason to look forward to some of the first major changes their bodies undergo when they begin to grow up, rather than fear them.

However, putting their teeth underneath the pillow they sleep on at night isn't always the best idea. Baby teeth are tiny, and could be easily lost within a child's bedding. Not only that, but there is a chance they may find swallow the small but sharp little bone while they are sleeping. Baby teeth loose in a sleeping child's bed could present a choking hazard. Not only that, but what are the chances while a parent is reaching under a child's pillow that they may be woken up, and the illusion of the tooth fairy is forever ruined, perhaps much earlier than is desired by either party.

Luckily, their is a safer and more discreet way to place the tooth next to a sleeping child, and add more fun to the tradition. Tooth fairy pillows are bright and colorful, and contain a pocket for the tooth. They can be placed near the child in bed or hung on the door of the bedroom, and make an adorable adornment for the bed during the years they are losing their teeth. Not only that, but it's much easier for a parent to slip out the tooth and slip in a few a bucks from the tooth fairy.

Tooth fairy pillows can easily be purchased in our store, where they come with many different colors and patterns, and will be embroidered and made into a precious keepsake for your child.