Signature Little Ones Embroidery Colours

When you're searching for a special gift for a young child, or the parent of a young child, Signature Little Ones is always an excellent place to start. We carry a jaw-dropping selection of children's furniture, home decor, blankets, artwork and more, at process that make it easy to give the best to anyone on your gift list. Making each gift even more special is our ability to personalize the majority of the items in our showroom, so you can turn a great gift into a family heirloom that gets cherished by each new generation.

We understand how important it is to match up and coordinate the colors in your home decor, which is why we feature a wide range of different embroidery thread colors to choose from during the personalization process. Choose from all of the basic colors, plus delightful shades like Bubble Gum, Sage Green and Lilac. If you are looking for a particular color and don't see it here, please call our customer care team at 800-946-1523 to see if it is available.