In most families, it’s a long-standing tradition to hang Christmas stockings for every member of the family. In some houses, even the pets get their own stockings. These stockings are usually oversized socks that can be personalized with a name, and they’re filled with toys, candy, and small gifts, often called stocking stuffers. Here’s how this tradition got started.

Christmas Stocking History

Written records don’t really indicate how the tradition of Christmas stockings got started, but there are several legends surrounding this tradition. The most trustworthy legend maintains that Saint Nicolas learned about a poor man who couldn’t afford to pay a dowry for his three daughters, and he was worried about them. Saint Nicolas decided to help the man, and he took three bags of gold with him down the chimney of the man’s home. Once inside, he found the girls’ stockings hanging on the mantelpiece after washing, and he added the gold bags to the stockings and then went about his Christmas Eve rounds. As the story spread, children began hanging their own stockings or putting out shoes, waiting for their own gifts. Usually, they used their own socks, but later, specially decorated stockings were created for the holiday.

Christmas-Themed Stockings

The idea of special Christmas stockings comes from Odin, a figure in Germanic history. Originally, children would take their boots and fill them with straw, sugar, or carrots, so Odin’s flying horse Sleipnir would have a treat to enjoy on Christmas Eve. In response, Odin would reward the children by replacing Sleipnir’s food with gifts and candy. Eventually, the children replaced the boots with special Christmas stockings. Later, the practice became associated with Santa Claus when Christianity came to Europe.

Today, many families order their own custom Christmas stockings with their names personalized, so Santa knows which stocking is which. Christmas stockings are traditionally hung on a fireplace mantel, but in homes without fireplaces, they can hang on a wall, on the Christmas tree, or from a table. And that’s the history of Christmas stockings!

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