A Blanket is to Love

Posted by Jennifer on 4/18/2014 to Baby Care
There are a few items that babies become attached to that transition with them as they grow. Some are seen as less than desirable by the adult status quo, while others are seen with a more favorable response when they continue on with a growing child.

It’s a BIG World

Posted by Jennifer on 4/18/2014 to Baby Care
Children are born into and live within a mostly adult-sized world, where everything is oversized and many things are simply way out of reach. Until they are of a certain size, they must be lifted onto couches, chairs and beds, as they just aren’t quite big enough to get there on their own. And when they are just grown enough to be able to climb onto the objects of their ambition, they sometimes fall right back down or are told by the big people not to go there.

Growing Up!

Posted by Jennifer on 4/18/2014 to Baby Care
If you were to interview a wide spectrum of children of different ages regarding their aspirations and goals, one item would emerge chiefly from most others as a leading desire among young ones. That would be to grow up, or to be older. And even though we tell them they are getting bigger, and they see how quickly they outgrow their favorite clothing and shoes, to our children, the growing process seems a bit stagnant on a need to know basis.

Saving for Beginners

Posted by Jennifer on 4/18/2014 to Baby Care
Money, to a toddler, is meaningless. They have to be taught that money is something we use to exchange for goods and services. This takes time and a little maturation for the young child to begin to grasp the concept, however they will catch on rather quickly as they accompany you on shopping trips to the grocery and other destinations.

Having a Party?

Posted by Jennifer on 4/17/2014
If you’re like most people, you like the idea of hosting a party until you ponder the details.

Healthy Eating

Posted by Jennifer on 4/11/2014 to Baby Care
Nutrition is the process of breaking down food and substances taken in by the mouth to use for energy in the body or it is the process of obtaining and consuming food. Malnutrition refers to insufficient, excessive, or imbalanced consumption of nutrients by an organism. Good nutrition is vital to good health. Teaching your children how to eat right will be their gateway to a lifelong of healthy eating.

Naptime with the Napbag

Posted by Jennifer on 4/10/2014 to Baby Care
Napping in children is an essential part of a child’s growth and development. Everybody knows that the two year old who missed his nap can be cranky, but new studies show that missing may also impact a child’s ability to learn. The brain needs to recharge, and sleep is the way to make that happen. Daytime naps help children from becoming overly tired and sleep better at night.
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