The History of Christmas Stockings

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 11/28/2014 to Personalized Gifts
In most families, it’s a long-standing tradition to hang Christmas stockings for every member of the family. In some houses, even the pets get their own stockings. These stockings are usually oversized socks that can be personalized with a name, and they’re filled with toys, candy, and small gifts, often called stocking stuffers. Here’s how this tradition got started.

Hazardous Baby Products This Way Come: Why Great Care is a Must When Purchasing Baby Products

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 11/23/2014
Investigative journalists have found that there are plenty of dangerous baby products being sold around the country. These products include new and used items, recalled products, and even products such as baby bottles, feeding nipples. and pacifiers containing lead. 

Don’t Forget Smaller Items When Preparing Your New Baby Room

Posted by Signature Little Ones on 11/9/2014
When preparing your baby room for your new baby, you need to remember to get the small, easier-to-forget items along with the larger items such as cribs and changing tables. These are the must-have smaller items your baby room needs. 
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