What do Little Ones Like to Wear?

A brand new baby brings a lot of change into the life of young parents. Suddenly, they have to start thinking about feeding the baby, cleaning the baby, putting the baby to sleep. Pretty much everything they do will revolve around the small creature that charmingly took over their whole life. So, if you’re about to see that new special little person in your friends’ life, and you want to bring a gift that will be both useful and pretty, here are the basics of baby clothing for the first year of life.
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Clinical Pediatrics Says Toy Related Injuries Increased 37% in 20 Years

The toy-related injury rate for children younger than 18 years old increased nearly 40% from 1990 to 2011. The most dangerous toys were those that children rode, while the most dangerous age was two years old. Parents can help their children play safely with their toys by following a few simple steps. 
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