Going to Grandma's: What to Look for in Children's Luggage

Posted by Joe P. on 1/14/2014 to Baby Care
When packing children's belongings for travel, a good child-sized suitcase is often a better choice than trying to squeeze your child's clothing into your own bag. Giving your child a suitcase helps your child develop responsibility and inspires an interest in travel. The next time you go to Grandma's, start the trip off right by giving your child an individual set of luggage.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Posted by Joe P. on 1/10/2014 to Baby Care
Baby bottles are an essential baby accessory, whether you breast feed or use formula. Most bottles are made of plastic, but stainless steel baby bottles are a wonderful alternative that have many benefits for you and your baby. Making the switch means a cleaner bottle, less money spent and better tasting milk.

Beyond the Rocking Horse: Fun and Unusual Ride-on toys

Posted by Joe on 1/8/2014 to Baby Care
Rocking horses, tricycles and toy trains were the favorite riding toys of the past, but inventors have become more innovative to create fun and unusual ride-on toys. Trunki travel systems are an extremely exciting addition to the ride-on toy line, serving a dual purpose by being both fun and functional.

How to Dress Your Baby Practically yet Stylishly

Posted by Patricia on 11/6/2013 to Baby Care
If you have a new bundle of joy in your family, stylish choices abound that help keep your child both comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. Take a little time to check out different options, and you are sure to be pleased with the results of your efforts as your little one grows.

Choosing the Perfect Rocker for Your Child's Personality

Posted by Patricia on 11/5/2013 to Baby Care
The days of the plain, wooden rocking horse as the only rocker option are far in the past. If you have a young one, if you are expecting or if you are looking for a wonderful gift, take a look at the range of rockers available to delight young children.

MadPax: All the Rage

Posted by Patricia on 9/23/2013 to Baby Care
Every Kid is unique and there is no reason why their school accessories shouldn't be. Madpax ensure that kids of all ages can walk around school with a sense of style and creativity on their backs.

How to Plan Your New Baby's Nursery

Posted by Patricia on 9/16/2013 to Baby Care
Preparing for your new baby to come home is such an exciting experience. Planning the design for the nursery is one of the most fun aspects of getting ready for your bundle of joy. Here are some ideas to help you create the perfect nursery for your baby.

Safe and Practical Tooth Fairy Pillows

Posted by Patricia I on 8/26/2013 to Baby Bedding
The idea of the tooth fairy has been around for many years, dating all the way back to early European traditions. Children see the gifts from the tooth fairy as a reward for getting older, and she gives them a reason to look forward to some of the first major changes their bodies undergo when they begin to grow up, rather than fear them.

Hooded Towels for Baby, Adorable and Cute

Posted by Patricia I on 8/20/2013 to Baby Care
Babies love baths. They're warm, they smell good, and they make baby feel safe. But getting out of the bath is never a fun experience. Comparatively, it's suddenly freezing cold and dry. There is no better way to warm up baby than to wrap them up in an adorable hooded towel.

Your Child's Plush Friends

Posted by Patricia on 1/2/2013 to Baby Care
Children will play with a number of different toys during their formative years, but few of these toys will provide the social and psychological benefits of a plush toy or stuffed animal. Before a child has fully developed their verbal communication skills, playing is often their method for expressing themselves. Not only can a stuffed animal provide a safe and trusted outlet for the child's growing emotional base, but they provide a confidante, a friend that will help them explore their new world. Child psychologists have always used plush toys as a tool for working with children who have emotional and mental disorders that range from clinically complex conditions like hyperactivity and trauma to dealing with the basic nightmare.
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