1. Wide Mouth Soft, Spill Resistant Silicone Sippy Spouts (2 Pack)

Wide Mouth Soft, Spill Resistant Silicone Sippy Spouts (2 Pack)

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Spill & Leak-Proof Spout features an integrated valve that prevents messy drips. BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and Phthalate free silicone. The familiarity of the clear, soft and durable spout on baby's favorite bottle promotes a comfortable transitions from bottle to sippy cup.

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toxin free
The basis for everything that they do at organicKidz™ is to provide children with safe, environmentally responsible products that are toxin free. All organicKidz™ products are BPA (Bisphenol A), PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free.
At organicKidz™, they don't just rely on factory testing, they go above and beyond making a conscious choice to test all products at an independently certified facility. With awareness of new chemicals springing up every day, they strive to be an industry leader in providing the safest products for you and your family.
Peristaltic Nipples
All nipples use a "stretch & contract" design that helps to reduce the risk of colic, spit up and ear infections. The peristaltic shape allows for your baby's mouth and tongue to move in a natural, wave-like motion - just like breast feeding.
* The ultra-supple silicone texture and wide base ensures a secure latching.
* The integrated venting is designed to redirect air from the bottle contents.
* The nipple's shape fits your baby's sucking fossa - for optimal feeding conditions.
Bottle Caps
organicKidz bottle caps are designed with convenience in mind. Our BPA, PVC and Phthalate free bottle caps are lined with a silicon ring to ensure a no mess seal. Throw our bottles into your diaper bag, purse or child's lunch box and you can be sure they won't leave a leaky mess behind.
Sippy Spouts
Our sippy spouts are designed to promote an easier transition from baby bottle to sippy cup. We know it's hard for babies to give up their bottles, so our sippy spouts are made of 100% clear silicone that will look and feel familiar to them. Their bottle is the same one they love, so the move to sippy cup is more comfortable.
Designed for real life, organicKidz wide mouth sippy spouts feature an integrated valve that prevents spills and messy drips. Our narrow neck sippy spouts are designed to minimize drips when turned upside down.
environmentally friendly
Not only are our stainless steel bottles 100% recyclable and reusable, but our accessories make a big environmental statement as well. When you convert your organicKidz™ baby bottles into sippy cups and lunch box ready water bottles you're eliminating the need to purchase separate sippys, juice boxes and other drinking containers. Less products bought, means less space taken up in the landfills. Whether your child is at a sippy cup or water bottle stage, our accessories allow you to make a greener statement.
Purchasing an organicKidz™ baby bottle has the added benefit of affordability. Our accessories are designed to convert your baby bottle to sippy cup and water bottle getting rid of the need to buy separate sippy cups, juice boxes and bottled water. We know saving money is important and our accessories allow you to do just that. By using organicKidz™ accessories to convert to sippy cups or water bottles, you're not only saving landfill space, but imagine how much money can be saved too?

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