Here at Signature Little Ones, not only can you get your hands on high-quality, customized products, but also sustainable baby items by organicKidz. Their signature product is in the form of their stainless steel baby bottles and food containers, which are guaranteed to be safe and sustainable. But if you’re still second guessing yourself in acquiring these innovative baby bottles, let us enlighten you as to why you should consider making the switch:


Stainless Steel Is Body-Safe


The main priority of organicKidz is the safety and health of children, and that’s why they make sure that all of their products are guaranteed to cater to this requirement. Ever wondered why hospitals use a lot of stainless steel equipment and materials? It’s primarily because of its resistance to bacteria and has zero chance of producing any carcinogenic chemicals when heated, very much unlike with glass and plastic.  


Stainless Steel Is Long-Lasting


Stainless steel is as durable as it comes. Compared to glass and plastic, which can easily break or crack, stainless steel won’t have any cracks even upon heavy impact. Its reliable strength makes it a very worthy investment not only for your baby, but also for you because you’ll be able to reuse these bottles even after your child is done with them. Perhaps you can turn it into a drinking bottle or a drinking glass at home as well.


Stainless Steel Is Environment-Friendly


Besides being beneficial for babies and kids, organicKids stainless steel bottles are also advantageous for the environment as well. It’s 100% reusable and recyclable, primarily due to its material that makes it very durable for a long time to come. This diminishes the need to purchase more replacement bottles and eliminates the need to throw it away, which in turn lessens its overall environmental footprint. 

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