All baby bottles, baby food containers and even baby toys should be BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. But unfortunately, due to the mass production of these items, proper regulation of the substances used in our baby’s products falls by the wayside. And as it stands today all baby products are not made equal. If adults are encouraged to buy BPA free, PVC and Phthalate free water bottles and containers, imagine the effect on our little ones if exposed to these toxic chemicals. Before purchasing your baby’s bottles, food containers, and toys, check the label.

We carry a great, organic baby brand, organicKidz, that takes the worry out of your baby shopping. And not only is it baby safe but organicKidz products are super cute and ultra eco-friendly! Here are some of the organicKidz products that will help safely nourish your little one for their first few years:

Narrow Necked Baby Bottles

We carry organicKidz narrow necked baby bottles in 3 different sizes, 4oz., 7oz., and 9oz. These bottles are made of thermal stainless steel so they keep your baby’s milk or formula however warm or cool your baby likes it! And let’s not forget the nipple. All organicKidz baby bottles feature a toxic free, slow flow nipple in a peristaltic shape, which allows your baby to easily mimic the motion of breastfeeding.

Thermal Food Containers

Our collection of organicKidz thermal food containers are the perfect tri-fecta, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free! These containers will keep your baby’s food hot or cold for more than 6 hours and their leak proof silicone seal will help you keep things neat and tidy.

“Life Bottle” System
We know that buying chemical free, organic baby merchandise can add up. That’s why we proudly offer the organicKidz “Life Bottle” system, which allows you to transition your baby’s bottle to a sippy cup, to a lunchbox water bottle. Simply update the bottle with the new, appropriate “grown up” accessories.