Parents are more aware than ever of how important it is to be choosy over baby products. Baby’s bodies are exceptionally sensitive and have to be protected from substances that could harm them. It is also important to surround your child with wholesome items that have been designed especially with them in mind. There is plenty of time for compromises later; for now, you want to ensure that only the best quality items are part of your child’s life.

Stainless Steel Bottles, Containers, and More

Plastic, aluminum, and glass are materials traditionally used in the manufacture of dishes, baby bottles and feeding items. You may not be aware that there is a superior material: stainless steel. What exactly makes stainless steel such an exceptional choice for baby bottles?
  • Stainless steel is highly durable. It will stand up to years of heavy-duty use and perform reliably every time.
  • It is an inert metal. This means there is no possibility of any carcinogenic substances leeching out of the steel even when it is subjected to high heat. You can trust stainless steel to be free from the carcinogenic chemicals that may be present in certain other materials.
  • A food grade stainless steel container or bottle is designed to be easy to clean. With proper care you can avoid the inadvertent cultivation of bacteria on your baby’s feeding items.
  • Minute cracks in glass and hard plastic become breeding grounds for potentially harmful bacteria. Since stainless steel does not crack, these conditions are entirely avoided.

Stainless Steel Feeding Options

Feeding items made from stainless steel are intended to protect and nurture your baby through its most vulnerable years. Narrow-necked and wide-mouthed bottles let you select the bottle that best suits your little one’s feeding habits. High quality silicone nipples fit perfectly in a feeding infant’s mouth and make the transition from breast to bottle a more natural one. Cups and containers are ideal for children graduating to whole foods. Without a doubt, stainless steel is the ideal choice for every stage.
When you need durable and healthy baby products, choose stainless steel.