The Tooth Fairy is an imaginary figure of early childhood.  According to the folklore, if a child puts his lost baby tooth beneath his pillow, the tooth fairy will replace the lost tooth with a small payment.  Some parents don’t believe in passing this lore onto their children, believing that they are teaching their children to believe in anything.

On the other hand, the tooth fairy myth can help promote good dental hygiene in children.  It is often difficult to make small children brush and floss.  Children have a way of trying to get around this simple process. How many times do you have to send your five year old back to the bathroom to brush after giving them the “let me smell your breath” test? 

Good dental hygiene is essential to a child’s healthy smile, and habits taught early in childhood will be carried throughout their lives.  Some benefits of good oral health are reducing the risk of serious disease, increasing higher self-confidence, and preserving memory as aging progresses.

Losing a baby tooth is a milestone in a child’s life, just as taking their first step and saying their first word.  Children grow in what seems a blink of an eye.  One minute they are a newborn baby, completely dependent on you for everything and the next they are walking the stage to receive their high school diploma.  Commemorating each milestone in a child’s life is so important. 

The Tooth Fairy Pillow is a very special way to observe the tradition of losing a baby tooth, whether it is the very first, or the last.  Whether your little man is into bugs or trucks, or your little princess is in love with soccer or make-up, the fairy dust, and personalized letter will make this the perfect way to memorialize the loss of your child’s baby teeth in the most extraordinarily special way.