There are many dads out there who claim to always want a healthy child, no matter the gender. But, let's admit it guys, not many of us know exactly how to connect with daughters as much as we do with sons.

And you know what? In some ways it's OK, but we still should make the right efforts to connect using the feminine sides of ourselves. This does not only mean sitting in on her tea parties, but it also means engaging her in some real ways. 

When you can, have a father-daughter date. 

Take your daughter out for a day on the town. As a working dad, you probably don't get much chance to spend one-on-one time with your daughter in your regular routine, so make time and take your daughter off Mom's hands for a few hours. 

Take her to the park and bring a picnic basket. Play with her on the playground, feed the ducks in the pond and have a lunch on a blanket laid out on the grass and have her favorite sandwich, some carrot sticks and fruit juice and talk about - whatever. 

Take her to lunch at her favorite place - even if it is a fast-food joint - share an ice cream cone and see a G-rated movie. Treat her like the woman-in-training she is; open the door for her, sit after she sits and show great manners. This an help her understand how she should be treated by future suitors. (You know, those she'll have after she moves out of the house.)

Go in the backyard and tend to plants or flowers in the garden. 

Have her help you with the laundry. 

Take her to the mall and go shopping for a new outfit. You stand back and let her browse the racks and show you what she likes and talk about why she likes that outfit in particular.  While she won't have any sophisticated fashionista comment, you can learn a lot by taking her into comfortable environments, asking her questions and giving her the woman-in-training respect she so richly deserves as your daughter.

A father-daughter date once in a while can be a great tool not only for you, the dad, to connect better with your daughter by getting to know her as a person and not just your daughter, but she can also learn more about you as a dad and understand better why she loves you so much. 

Because you treat her with respect and really get to know her as the person she will ultimately become. She is not just your daughter; she is her own person, and it's time for you to realize and understand that. It can  go a long way in how your parent while she grows older, and will help her see you in a new level of affection and respect that could shape her very existence in the future. 

Embrace your feminine side, dad, and get out there with your daughter. She will appreciate it. Eventually.