Baby bottles are an essential baby accessory, whether you breast feed or use formula. Most bottles are made of plastic, but stainless steel baby bottles are a wonderful alternative that have many benefits for you and your baby. Making the switch means a cleaner bottle, less money spent and better tasting milk.

The biggest benefit of stainless steel for baby bottles is how clean the material stays. Stainless steel does not take on the flavors and odors of objects in and around it, so the bottle never smells like old milk or the snacks kept near it in the diaper bag. Since they do not leech these flavors and scents, it is also requires much less labor to clean stainless steel bottles. Soap and warm water or a run through the dishwasher is typically enough to keep these bottles clean. Stainless steel also does not put dangerous chemicals into the liquid held within like some plastics are known to do.

Since stainless steel stands up so much better than plastic, you do not have to replace steel bottles as often as plastic ones. The sturdy metal rarely needs replacing and is completely recyclable when you do decide to get rid of it.

Ditch the traditional plastic bottles and consider using stainless steel for your baby. This durable, bacteria-resistant metal is easy to clean and keeps contents tasting fresh even after repeated uses. Stainless steel baby bottles also stand out from the crowd, so you never mix up your bottle with someone else's.