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This is the one of the latest packs that launched with MadPax. The soft colourful spikes add a style that makes you and your pack truly an original. Expect rock star status with Spiketus Rex, the coolest design from MadPax.
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Feature: Multi-Colour Half Pack

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Spiketus Rex Multi-Coloured is in full swing with five clever colours that include Whirlpool, Mascaraed, Streamers, Fanta and Eggplant Parm. This backpack also has 2 pockets on the exterior, one on the interior for more space saving ideas.

These packs come in three different sizes and make a great gift set; Full pack, Half pack, and Nibbler.

 This measures at 14"h x 12"w x 6"d.
Half packs are pedal-to-the-metal, personality to the next power, that rock a punch for little ones. Bonus Feature: this little monster holds an iPad and is recommended for ages 4 and younger.

What material are the "Spike" packs made of:
Spike is currently offered in leather like fabric made of Poly Urethane. This material delivers durable and vibrant colours that are easily cleaned. While durable, this material has a top coating for colour; if dragged or abused the colour may wear or scratch. This is considered normal wear and tear and not be covered under our warranty. The interiors are lined with polyester/nylon. All zippers are smooth functioning nylon.

How do I clean my MadPax 
We recommend you clean your pack with a damp cloth and mild soap as necessary. Machine washing, detergents or bleach are not recommended. Line dry.

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