Ensuring that everything is ready in time for the arrival of a baby can be challenging, more so for first time parents. With everyday responsibilities, Lamaze classes, baby showers and doctor's appointments, the amount of work to be done may seem overwhelming. Decorating a nursery is not an easy task and it does require quite a lot of time and effort. However, knowing what needs to be done and what items you need to purchase can make things easier.


Finding good deals


Decorating a nursery can also be an expensive task. Browsing stores and researching online can help you understand the prices of the items you need to purchase. Certain items like glider, changing table and the crib may have to be custom-upholstered or ordered. The waiting time for certain companies to deliver can be close to 5-6 months. Starting the process well in advance can ensure that you have enough time on hands to have all the items delivered before the baby comes home.


To help all first time parents, we've compiled a checklist of necessary items needed in a nursery.


Nursery Furniture


  • A glider or rocking chair
  • Storage solution with drawers and shelves
  • Changing table
  • Crib and mattress

Nursery Furnishings


  • Shelving
  • Wall clock
  • A lamp
  • Area rug
  • Mobile
  • Window coverings
  • Wall decoration items such as wall hangings, wall letters, murals, decals and wall paint
  • Bedding set including fitted sheets, skirt and bumper

Functional Items for a Nursery

  • Baby monitor
  • Storage boxes
  • Laundry bag
  • Changing table pad
  • Mattress pad
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper genie

These are some of the most basic and essential items that every nursery needs. Take the time to enjoy the decorating process and the anticipation of welcoming your first baby.