Making Losing a Tooth a More Magical Experience
Losing a tooth is a momentous occasion for both parent and child. Parents are confronted with the fact that their baby is growing up. Children are sometimes distressed by the pain that losing a tooth can cause. Though they will later regard their gaps with pride, the sensation of having missing teeth can be confusing for some children. You can make losing a tooth a more pleasant experience for everyone by turning this moment into a celebration instead of something to be dreaded. A little bit of fairy magic is all it takes.
Bringing the Tooth Fairy Home
In the past it was common to simply tuck a lost tooth under the child’s pillow at night and then swap it out for a few shiny coins while they were asleep. Today parents opt to add a little extra enchantment to the traditional story of the tooth fairy through the use of tooth fairy pillows. What makes these items better than the old method?
·         Tucking a lost tooth into the pouch of a special pillow is more engaging to children.
·         A pillow made from quality cotton/poly blend fabric is very easy to clean; it can be popped in the washing machine before being put away until next time it is needed.
·         Parents know exactly where the tooth is located; there is no chance of even small teeth getting lost in the sheets or falling on the floor.
·         Children will love looking inside the pillow’s pocket to find the money the tooth fairy left behind.
·         These pillows can be personalized with a name tag and unique image in order to differentiate the pillows belonging to different siblings.
Something Special Just for Kids
Perhaps most of all, a little tooth fairy pillow gives a child something special that is just for them. A little pillow with their name on it will cradle their teeth and help ease them through this stressful time. This little celebration does not have to cost very much but it will certainly be remembered long after childhood has ended.
Add magic into your child’s life with a personalized tooth fairy pillow.