There are plenty of ordinary baby gifts to choose from when a good friend or relative becomes a new parent, but finding something unique that will show you put a lot of thought into the gift narrows down the possibilities significantly. Finding a baby gift that is meaningful and special can be difficult, but you can find something out of the ordinary if you are willing to think differently about newborn presents. Look for personalized presents that keep the whole family in mind.

Personalize Practical Gifts

A bib or a blanket is something every new family can use, but sometimes “practical” is not the only quality you want your gift to have. A great way to make those practical items into gifts that are special is to personalize them. Find a company that can add the baby’s name to a quality blanket. Add the birth date or a series of favorite quotes to a set of bibs. You might be surprised how many items can be personalized. Baby clothes, pillows, furniture, and even pacifiers can be decorated with names, quotes, or even the birth announcement.

Find Something for the Whole Family

You can also show you thought about your friend or relative when you chose their newborn’s gift by finding one that is personal for the new parents as well as the new baby. Don’t forget that mom and dad also need new gear for a newborn.

Find mom a fashionable bag that can serve as a diaper bag instead of the usual baby totes. You can find diaper bags that are geared toward men, so dad doesn’t have to carry something ordinary or made for a woman. Consider a baby gift that is good for the little one but has mom and dad in mind. For example, if mom and dad love golfing, find a layette with a golf theme.

It’s the Thought That Counts

A unique baby gift is possible by finding something usual and making it personal. Whether you decide to personalize something practical or find something special for the whole family, you are showing that you have put a lot of thought into your gift.