MadPax ™

Expect rock star status with the original design from MadPax. Where form meets function, kids of all ages can avoid anonymity with a style that says they are one-of-a-kind.

Life is too short to wear a bland backpack. The world is dynamic and backpacks should be no different. MadPax represent the evolution of the backpack. They rock packs that are punk, funk and a dash of double dare.

MadPax are 3D inspired backpacks and power pack-cessories that are the perfect fusion of fashion and funk-tionality. These unique packs allow kids of ALL ages to express themselves and their inner creature with the pouches, pockets and zippered capacity that makes no concession to utility. MadPax makes a positively progressive pack in the size and colours that anyone would crave. So dig in.

Face it, hauling your gear should not be a dull proposition, MadPax lets you ‘ROCK IT’ in any season, and for any reason.