Lator-Gator Mighty Bite™

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Lator-Gator Mighty Bite™
Lator-Gator Mighty Bite™
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Think Spiketus-Rex with a different, more primal skin. These are the perfect pack to let your animal instincts out for all to see. Roar...

Lator Gator is in full swing with six clever colours that include Blue By You, Great White, Snake Bite, Snap Dragon, Red-Tillion and Condor.

These packs come in four different sizes and make a great gift set; Full pack, Half pack, The Nibbler and the Mighty Bite.


This measurers 6"h x 5"w x 4"d.

Mighty Bite

A little bag of corruption that can handle anything and everything small. From gadgets to gizmos...pack your cell or iPod®, crayons or collectibles. Not currently available in all colors or in the Bubble design. Bummer.

What material are the "Spike" packs made of?
Spike is currently offered in leather like fabric made of Poly Urethane. This material delivers durable and vibrant colours that are easily cleaned. While durable, this material has a top coating for colour; if dragged or abused the colour may wear or scratch. This is considered normal wear and tear and not be covered under our warranty. The interiors are lined with polyester/nylon. All zippers are smooth functioning nylon.

How do I clean my MadPax?
We recommend you clean your pack with a damp cloth and mild soap as necessary. Machine washing, detergents or bleach are not recommended. Line dry.

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