Soccer fans are having a field day. The World Cup has begun! And what better way to show support to your favorite team than by wearing your heart on your sleeve?  Dust off those jerseys and shorts set, and let the kids join in on the fun too! Signature Little Ones has a broad range of children's soccer apparel, so you are sure to find your favorite team wear.

Put your little boy to bed with a Brazilian sleeper, or bring along your little girl for a day out with a Croatian onesie complete with ruffles and headbands. Even better, keep abreast of the games as they unfold, with you and your little ones dressed up in track jacket, short set and t-shirt. You will not only impart your love of the game to your kids, you also get to share a bonding moment with them as you cheer on for your favorite players.

A gift of soccer uniforms to children of friends who are fans of the sport would go a long way to strengthen the bond of your friendship even with the element of competition thrown in. Soccer fans are notorious for being loyal to their teams, and while you can’t convince other parties to cheer on for yours, you can make the occasion merrier by letting them cheer on with theirs.

You can even make watching the World Cup a teaching opportunity. Teach your kids life lessons in fair play and sportsmanship, focus and determination, and even camaraderie. If the kids are old enough to understand, you may even teach them history. FIFA predated the First World War by a decade, and the first international football match in Glasgow between Scotland and England predated the modern Olympics by almost 20 years.

Putting your children in your favorite team's uniforms may even encourage them to be athletes someday, or at least be infected with your enthusiasm to live a highly active lifestyle. Children who are exposed to sports early, or to any endeavor for that matter, absorb this interest over time and develop their own preferences as they grow older.