Children are born into and live within a mostly adult-sized world, where everything is oversized and many things are simply way out of reach.  Until they are of a certain size, they must be lifted onto couches, chairs and beds, as they just aren’t quite big enough to get there on their own.  And when they are just grown enough to be able to climb onto the objects of their ambition, they sometimes fall right back down or are told by the big people not to go there.


Everything’s Oversized

We who are grown don’t think about it a lot, but everything we do requires much more effort on the part of a child who is striving to accomplish those very same things.  For instance, when walking at a leisurely pace with a small child, every step we take requires them to take a few, in order to just keep up.  Our furniture is adult-sized and our appliances are all adult-sized.  

Our cars are adult-sized to the extent that we even have to insert child-sized seats in them in order for them to accommodate children’s sizes.  Our plates and eating utensils are all adult-sized and the cups from which we drink are adult-sized.  Among other adult-sized items are beds, towels, toilets, swimming pools and much, much more.


What Children Need

There has always been a need to create special items for children that emulate those which adults use: plates, forks, potties, sippy cups, chairs, stools, beds, and the list could go on, indefinitely.  There are two points to be made here; one being that in order to accommodate children, most things need to be revised, and children receive a strengthened sense of belonging when they are surrounded by items which are sized suitably for their access, comfort and ease of operation.


A Step Up

Children’s stools provide an excellent way of showing that you care enough to give them something that is their size, which would be too small for an adult to use.  Children’s stools also provide a child with a bit of extended autonomy for accomplishing tasks like getting into bed or onto the sofa, for standing at the sink to brush teeth, for standing beside a parent as food is being prepared at the kitchen counter and much more.  The gift of a stool for a child opens up a world of abilities and freedoms for both you and the child while showing your child that you believe in his or her capabilities to reach for “higher” goals.