BeddingPreparing for your new baby to come home is such an exciting experience. Planning the design for the nursery is one of the most fun aspects of getting ready for your bundle of joy. Here are some ideas to help you create the perfect nursery for your baby.

The first thing you should do is decide on the furniture for the nursery and how it will be arranged in the room. If it is a smaller room, this is very important because it will determine how much furniture you can have and how large it can be. The crib is the focal point of the nursery. Once you have the design of the crib picked out and the color of wood, you can begin adding other furniture. A changing table is an important aspect of the nursery because it offers a sanitary place to change the baby and it doubles for storage of diapers and other items the baby needs. A rocking chair is another staple piece of furniture for the nursery and should compliment the other furniture in the room.

Now comes the really fun part of decorating the nursery. You get to choose the color scheme. If you have chosen to let the sex of the baby be a surprise, you can choose neutral colors that would be acceptable for a boy or a girl such as yellow or green. If you do know the sex of the baby, you might want to go ahead and choose a decorating theme that is flattering to a girl or a bay specifically. You can also choose themes based on children's cartoon characters or sports themed rooms. Once you have your color or theme picked out, the rest of the decorating is a snap.

No matter what you choose to put into your baby's new nursery, the most important thing is that you do not overcrowd the room and that everything in the room creates efficiency and organization. You will appreciate a well functioning nursery during those middle of the night wake up calls.