Your kids require a lot of stuff, and the constant need to replace lost items is draining on your wallet and your patience. Keeping track of each child’s belongings is made more difficult by the fact that many things need to be moved from home to school or daycare and back without getting lost. Stop the cycle of buying, losing, and replacing your kids’ gear by showing your kids that each item has a label and a place.

Put a Name on Everything

You might be surprised how much can be accomplished simply by adding a name to each item that your kids often lose. Label anything your children take to and from the home now to avoid replacing it later. For example, if a teacher sees a lunchbox in the hallway, he or she will probably throw it in the lost and found bin, but if a teacher sees one with your child’s name on it, he or she will probably look for your child and return it. Labels help your kids return home with the right stuff, too. Having your baby’s name printed conspicuously on blankets will make it much less likely that another parent will pick up the blanket by accident.

You don’t have to ruin a blanket or lunchbox with marker. Look online for blankets and clothes with personalized labels. Consider everything a blank slate for your children’s names; you can find personalized versions of almost everything, even your baby’s pacifiers.

Find a Place for Everything

Your kids need to know that every item they use has a home. Designate one bag for school items and another for play dates. You can find personalized bins, furniture, bags, and backpacks to keep your kids from leaving their belongings in random places at school, daycare, or home. Remember that there are alternatives to masking tape labels on school bags or old baskets; everything from backpacks to toy boxes can be professionally customized.

Stop Worrying About Lost or Missing Items for Good

Storage items with styles and personalization that match your children’s personalities will encourage your kids to put everything in its place. Labeling and designating a place for your kids’ stuff helps your children keep track of their gear and saves you time and money.