When packing children's belongings for travel, a good child-sized suitcase is often a better choice than trying to squeeze your child's clothing into your own bag. Giving your child a suitcase helps your child develop responsibility and inspires an interest in travel. The next time you go to Grandma's, start the trip off right by giving your child an individual set of luggage.

Children's luggage needs to fulfill a few specific requirements. First, the child must be able to carry and maneuver the bag. Whether you choose an over-the-shoulder backpack or a wheeled suitcase, make sure the bag is not too large for your child to carry or drag.

Sometimes, the best bags are the ones that serve multiple functions. A duffel or weekender bag, for example, travels equally well whether you are flying to Grandma's house or going down the block for a sleepover. These bags are designed to age with the children; straps lengthen as the child grows, and the fun, colorful design looks stylish at any age.

When you buy your luggage, look for bags with multiple pockets or compartments. Teaching your child what belongs in each pocket or pouch makes packing easier, and it gives your child additional independence. Although you still need to check the packing to make sure your child did not forget anything, good children's luggage is designed for children to handle all aspects themselves, from packing the clothes to carrying the bag into the airport.

Use a set of high-quality children's luggage to teach your child good travel habits that last a lifetime. Do not forget the extra details; a monogrammed or personalized bag adds a special touch and discourages your child from losing it. Whether you are going to Grandma's, preparing for soccer camp or planning a family vacation, quality children's luggage helps streamline the process.