You want your kids to have the right furniture, be comfortable, and enjoy spending time in their rooms. However, there is something else to consider when decorating a child’s room: controlling clutter. Use these tips when planning the layout of your children’s rooms to cut clutter.

1. Find the Right Storage

Everyone thinks of dressers and shelves for books and toys, but this isn’t enough storage for most kids’ clutter. Think about storage solutions that are easier for your kids to access and fill quickly. Toy boxes, bins, baskets, and sturdy totes fit toys and books of any size and don’t require your children to place items carefully are ideal. Find containers that are well-made, attractive to your child, and small enough to be easily accessible. You can customize baskets or totes with your children’s names so your kids can pick up items scattered throughout the house and return them to the correct room.

2. Decorate the Walls With Organization in Mind

Pictures aren’t the only things you can use to fill wall space. Choose decorations that encourage your kid to keep the clutter off the ground as well as give the room some color. For example, fabric memo boards are a good way to keep your child’s artwork and papers organized without requiring sharp tacks that you need for a bulletin board. You can also find barrette holders and book holders that are fun and attractive while being easier to use than small drawers or shelves.

3. Ask Your Kids for Help

Your children will not be excited about clearing up clutter if they don’t like their new toy box or don’t want to carry their newly personalized school bag to school. Whether you are choosing a pattern for a barrette holder or a color for the letters on a basket customized with your child’s name, be sure to ask your children if the items are their preferred style and, most importantly, if they are willing to use them.

It’s important to find a balance between functional and fun for your child’s bedroom. Storage and decorations that are attractive and exciting for your kids as well as easy to use will help you all tackle the clutter in your home.