Some parents don't realize just how important reading books to their toddlers is. Many studies point to the amazing benefits that this process can provide for young kids, which they can carry over to many different aspects of their lives as they get older.

Take a look at these wonderful benefits that your own toddler can enjoy if you make it a habit to read to them every day:

Better Speech

Learning basic speech skills is crucial at this age. When you expose children to various books, even if they cannot read yet, you are already helping them develop better speech and possibly more advanced capabilities in this area.

When you read the words, they are able to recall the sounds. Later on, you'll find them trying to imitate these sounds while pretending to read through the pages themselves. Even if the words are unintelligible, this is a sign that they are able to develop language skills that will come in handy in the future.

Love For Learning

Do you know that a lot of research actually shows that children who grew up listening to their parents read to them regularly are those who show greater love for learning? They tend to develop academic excellence more than other kids who were not read to as much.

If you want to enhance your child's curiosity and eagerness to learn, then start stocking up on storybooks that you can read to him or her every day. You'll be happy later on to see how they have turned out to be lifetime learners who always seek new knowledge and experiences.

Adoration For Books

It's certainly remarkable to bring up kids who adore books. When you're able to instill in your toddler that reading is fun, he or she will not find it as difficult to go through the regular rigors of formal schooling. Such children will also perceive reading as a treat or form of pleasure, not like a task they need to do.

Wouldn't it be great if your children grow up to be teens and adults who prefer reading books over other forms of entertainment? Surely they will learn more and become communication masters in their own ways--- perhaps fantastic writers, speakers, presenters, and the like.

Improved Communication

Many adults find themselves in conflicts that stem from mis-communication. But if you take the time to read to your toddlers every single day and then continue to expose them to books as they grow up, you will discover just how wonderful their communication abilities come to be. When this happens, self-expression becomes more natural and done in a healthy manner. They can also be more articulate, which will allow them to relate with other people better.

When you choose books for your toddlers, don't limit them to those with phrases in each page or only one or two sentences. It would be good to pick books that include dialogues and show relationships among characters. Furthermore, make it a point to add your own comments or even ask questions about the story.

Enhanced Concentration

At first, a lot of young children will not have the patience and sufficient attention span to stay put throughout an entire story. But if you read animatedly and you keep doing it every day, they will eventually listen better and be able to improve their concentration and discipline. Both of these qualities play a major role in studying and even when they are already working.

In addition, your child will surely be able to have greater memory retention too. Again, this will be valuable for his or her entire life.

Enriched Creativity

When kids are constantly exposed to imaginative stories, they get to grasp a multitude of concepts better. This is also like a form of exercise for their brains. Hence, they grow up to have enriched creativity as well as critical thinking which are carried over to various endeavors in life.

Of course it's good to train your toddlers to be more creative so that they won't just turn out to be artistic, but perhaps this will allow them to think out of the box when doing projects in school and when figuring out solutions to problems. It will also enable them to contribute more at work and also to plan alternatives for various undertakings in real life.

Stronger Connection

Daily reading to your toddlers is another form of bonding between you and your child. This will definitely help establish a stronger connection, especially as you discuss different concepts and situations that may reflect real life. It's also your chance to emphasize good values that you would like to teach your children.

Because toddlers are usually on the go, reading together is a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to bond and relax while sharing a fostering activity.

With these superb benefits for your toddlers, it's definitely worth it to practice reading to them daily. So make sure to design their rooms with a reading corner, complete with attractive and durable book holders and bookshelves with decorative bookends. Then little by little, you and your toddler can go shopping for the books!