Having a baby is the most special, exciting event in a lifetime.  It is incomparable to everything else.  With the birth of a child, comes an entire world of firsts:  the first smile, first laugh, the first finger food, the first tooth, the first step, from infanthood, to toddlerhood to adolescence to adulthood, there are many first step milestones in a child’s life.  There are few things that can compare to the first time baby says “mama” or “da-da”, and parents thrive on the achievements of their little ones.

Perhaps one of the most exciting firsts for both parent and child is that of the first day of school.  The eagerness, the trepidation, the overwhelming sense of a new world are just a few of the things a child feels on that all important day.

Preparing for the first day of school can be an adventure.  Purchasing school clothes, dress shoes, sneakers, fall sweaters, winter coats and school supplies can be both fun and stressful.  Having the coolest collection of school supplies is the sure way to get your child started on the right path to education.  Having the coolest back pack and school supplies is an integral part of leading the pack. 

Signature Little Ones has the most exciting collection of back packs, lunch boxes and pencil cases.  From the cool looking MadPax back pack collection to the Pack-n-Snack Collection there is something to fit every child’s personality. If you are one of the many parents concerned about the impact carrying a back pack has on your child’s back and spine, the Comfortpack is designed to keep weight off the spine and the padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit your child. 

Coordinate your child’s look with a matching lunch box and pencil case, and even personalize with your child’s name.  Send your child to school in style with Signature Little Ones functional and cool products.