The days of the plain, wooden rocking horse as the only rocker option are far in the past. If you have a young one, if you are expecting or if you are looking for a wonderful gift, take a look at the range of rockers available to delight young children. 

There are plenty of ways to approach buying a rocker that suit your child's personality. At a young age, many children get attached to a few particular animals. No matter your child's favorite animal, the chances are good for finding a safe, plush rocker fashioned in that animal's form. Examples include giraffes, ladybugs, monkeys, turtles and puppies.

Alternately, your child might enjoy a particular type of character. If this is the case, suit your child's personality with a plush character rocker. If you have a little one that loves everything involving princesses, consider a horse-drawn carriage rocker. If pirates are more along the lines of your child's style, look for a pirate ship rocker.

Finally, if your child has a themed bedroom or playroom based on their personality, consider a rocker that fits within the theme. Princess and pirate rockers sometimes work for this type of strategy. If your child has an undersea-themed room, consider a dolphin rocker. Other examples along these lines include train engine rockers, dinosaur rockers and airplane rockers.

It is every caretaker's desire to foster the budding personality of their young child. By purchasing a rocker that complements a child's style with plenty of personality of its own, you have the opportunity to do just that. Look for clues for the type of rocker to get among your child's interests, whether they focus on particular animals, types of characters or overall themes.