Rocking horses, tricycles and toy trains were the favorite riding toys of the past, but inventors have become more innovative to create fun and unusual ride-on toys. Trunki travel systems are an extremely exciting addition to the ride-on toy line, serving a dual purpose by being both fun and functional.

Made of lightweight and durable plastic, the Trunki travel system appears to be an ordinary ride-on toy at first glance. With four wheels and two hold-on handles, this product is just the right size for a toddler or small child to sit on and take for a spin. The Trunki opens up to become a functional piece of luggage to store your child's clothing, toys and other items during your family travels. With an 18-liter capacity, your child can pack everything he needs for trips across town or across the country. A convenient tow strap allows you to pull your child along behind you so that he does not become lost in the crowded airport or busy train station. Travel becomes fun and exciting for your little one with this creative approach to children's luggage. A variety of fun colors and patterns are available so that your little traveler can show off his style.

Trunki travel systems are available in several bright and fun colors and patterns, and you can use other products in conjunction with the Trunki. Funny-face decals allow your child to decorate his Trunki, and letter stickers are a fun way to personalize the luggage. Pack your child's Trunki with water pen activity books so that he is entertained during your travels.