Fathers of today are more involved and hands-on in raising their children and are taking on parental roles that were once reserved for mothers. They are also less inclined to shy away from performing these duties that were once considered the domain of their wives, like diapering, feeding and taking the kids to playgroups. However, fatherhood fashion has not kept pace with their roles, and Dads are more often relegated to use items that have been designed with Moms in mind. While a determined Dad won't be easily intimated at the thought of strapping on an obviously feminine diaper bag, it would make things easier for him to use one that is specifically tailored to his care giving style and masculine image.


Making Fatherhood Fashionable


Thanks to Diaper Dude, doing a good job caring for the kids and looking good while doing it are now a reality. Dads need not look sloppy while doing what often amounts to a messy job; if Moms can care for the kids and look fashionable, there’s no reason why Dads couldn't do it as well.


Diaper Dude comes with all the features that you have come to expect of a standard diaper bag and then some. It is intuitively crafted to make changing diapers a seamless motion, and ergonomically designed to be easy on the shoulders and accommodating with all the baby’s needs. Diaper Dude also comes in a variety of colors and designs to match Dad's personality or moods: a Black Pinstripe diaper bag for the executive on-the-go, or a Messenger Camo for a playgroup date.


More than Just a Diaper Bag


What better way to recognize the fathers' changing roles - and how the society views them - in care giving than giving him this Father’s Day the encouragement to actively take part in this early but crucial role as a parent? A father’s care giving style is entirely different from a mother’s, and this unique interaction with each parent confers a variety of experiences for the child, allowing the child to see each parent as a distinct individual with different relational styles.

Diaper Dude is not just a bag: It is a statement that fathers can be just as effective caregivers as mothers, especially if they have the right tools to do it.