Decorating a baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Many parents go all out and make this room the best-designed part of the entire house. After all, their new bundle of joy is the most important priority in their lives.
When you are decorating a nursery, there are many design ideas that you can implement.  A few include fun paint techniques, handcrafted furniture, and more. In addition to these ideas, consider adding the following four unique decorations to your nursery.

1 - Door Decorations

Door decorations are a great way to identify where the nursery is in your home. A lot of door decorations have cute sayings on them. Door decorations can also be used for other purposes. For example, some people hang them on the door when the baby is asleep to keep others from entering the nursery.   

2 - Personalized Blankets

Every baby needs a few blankets. A personalized blanket with the baby’s name on it is a great treasure to display in the nursery. You can display it over the crib or rocking chair in the room. During the nighttime feedings, you can use the blanket to soothe your baby.

3 - Personalized Artwork

In addition to a personalized blanket, nurseries look more unique with personalized artwork. Instead of hanging something you might see in any nursery, consider customizing the art to include your baby’s initials or name. When you do this, the art becomes a treasure that your child can keep for many years.

4 - Book Containers

It is customary for parents to start collecting books for their children before they are even born. This allows them to pass on their favorite stories to their kids. A fun way to display these books is with a book container. When your baby gets a little older, he or she will love exploring the books inside of the holder.
If you are currently decorating your nursery, consider adding these unique decorations as they can provide a great finishing touch.